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Fifth Avenue Pad Takes Time Machine from 2006 to Auction

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Posh Gold Coast co-op 927 Fifth Avenue is known for short-lived bird eviction efforts and $8.9 million imaginary apartments. Here's something even stranger: a one-day auction for a $26 million, 11th-floor apartment in the building. Takes us right back to 2006! The apartment is half of the duplex that belonged to late investment banker and former Lazard chair Bruce Wasserstein, and in true Wasserstein style, the Journal explains, brokers were told to hand in sealed bids from any prospective buyers by the end of yesterday, when the millionaires were shuttled in for overlapping open house appointments. Sadly, our net worth didn't quite make the cut, and the listing leaves us without much idea of the place (nice views, though!). For buyers who make it to the auction but leave without the keys, there's always the convertible maisonette downstairs.
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