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Residents of Downtown Insanity Palace Sue for $20 Million

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When buyers at Shaya Boymelgreen's Newswalk building in Prospect Heights complained to him about faulty construction, he responded, "What do they expect ? a Manhattan building?" But they should see how he treats his Manhattan buildings: apparently not much better. A number of residents of Boymelgreen's 15 Broad Street have filed a $20 million lawsuit against him and Africa Israel, his partner company on the project, alleging unfinished construction and nasty smells. The lawsuit, which comes from the four non-Boymelgreen-controlled members of the condo board and a number of other building residents, also claims Boymelgreen opted not to make improvements required for the building's certificate of occupancy so he could keep control of the 11-member condo board. Among the construction issues, according to the Post, are poor insulation, leaks, and missing fireproofing. And a movie theater that's unusable because it doesn't meet building codes, which, in late-night FiDi, probably feels like just as much of a problem.
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15 Broad Street

15 Broad St, New York, NY 10005