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Is This Sleepy Nolita Building Actually Killing Trees?

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Our Scaffolding Nightmare Investigative Patrol of Persistent Youngsters (S.N.I.P.P.Y.), aka Curbed interns, is bringing light to the darkest underbellies of unsightly construction. Got a scaffolding nightmare that needs investigating? Drop us a line at

Reader Report: "Take a look at 271 Mulberry Street (between Prince and Jersey Street). Two port o sans, a permanent dumpster, dying trees and myriad homeless people partying all night. Truly disgusting."

SNIPPY Investigation: Unlike those scaffolding setups that are just decoration, the one at 271 Mulberry is actually covering a full exterior renovation. We did find the tipster's portable outhouses, large dumpster, and dying trees, but we saw no signs of homeless people or their party. Maybe we just have to go back after dark?

The scaffolding seems to go on. And on. And on.

Trees are dying right and left, as our tipster noted, with their growth obstructed by the new scaffolding.

The arboricidal scaffolding continues all the way around to the other side of the building along Jersey Street, right across the street from the Puck Building.

The scaffolding finishes up on the building's third side, which has a different name?285 Lafayette Street?but is part of the same structure. David Bowie used to live in one of the penthouses here, but he got out before the scaffolding blackout.
?S.N.I.P.P.Y. field investigation conducted by Blake Peterson

285 Lafayette

285 Lafayette Street, New York, NY