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Williamsburg's Condo/Hotel/Pool Party Combo Goes Full Frontal

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The Hotel Williamsburg and The Residences at the Williamsburg?at least that was the name the last time we checked?has been generating mucho buzz through splashy swimming pool renderings, high-tech model units and developer soundbites such as wanting the condo/hotel to do "what the Gansevoort did for the Meatpacking District." Now it's time for a more formal introduction. The towel has been dropped, revealing the facade facing McCarren Park. Above, the rendering. Below, the reality.

Pretty spot-on, and we're looking forward to seeing the lobbies get revealed and more of that orange getting filled in before the hotel's March opening. For more, check out the Hotel Williamsburg & Related Condo Attachment's backside strip show on N. 11th Street a little while back. Soon there will be something else in the Williamsburg air tickling the nostrils besides crude oil and mustache wax: chlorine! Here's another glimpse at some of that glass:

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The Residences at The Williamsburg

135 North 11th St, New York, NY 11211