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Closings Get Started at Two Lower East Side Oddballs

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The Lower East Side has no shortage of terrifying, mysterious, or just plain weird new condo developments. A recent poke through public records brings sales updates on two of them.

1) 38 Delancey Street: The facade failed to impress as either rendering or reality, but perhaps the corner units were enough for the luxury-starved LES market. Seven of the building's 55 units have sold this month, for between $626,224 and $1,109,893. StreetEasy shows 19 more in contract.
2) 55 Hester Street: Closer to the LES/Chinatown border is 55 Hester, the bilingual condo with a web designer-paining website and the claim to fame of being next to the former Gertel's bakery. The building's first sale has just happened, of #10B, a 1BR with a pretty basic floorplan that went for $600,000. (The development team has already moved on to 2 Allen Street.) The 55 Hester purchaser is hidden behind an LLC, which gets us no closer to knowing who wants the 810-square-foot and smaller apartments.
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38 Delancey St.

38 Delancey St., New York, NY 10002