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Mysterious LES Building Gets Scrubbed; Three Left at The Corner

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LOWER EAST SIDE?A special Curbed correspondent embedded deep in Hell Square does a bit of speculating on a neighborhood oldie: "I live on the corner of hell, where Ludlow meets Rivington. Across the street is the Kleen Stik world headquarters at 139-141 Ludlow, the absolutely gorgeous parcel of a property that's been the object of my LES loft fantasies for some time. this afternoon I spotted some workers cleaning the roof, and after almost 11 years of living opposite the warehouse, that's a first. could it be? could the stuck-in-the-70's one armed old man that owns the joint be finally considering a sale? I'm not as up to date as your readers with the value that something like this might have, but I could only imagine the first bid would take me out the running." Intrigue! The Kleen-Stik Industries website, a must-visit, still lists Ludlow as its home. For now! [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE?Pricey rental sensation The Corner at Broadway and West 72nd Street is now 98% occupied, according to reps. What that means is there are only three units still available, priced starting at, brace, $14,500 per month. One is a 3BR/2.5BA with a home office, while the other two are convertible 3BRs/2BAs with corner views down Broadway. Gather your references! [CurbedWire Inbox]

The Corner

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