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Donald Trump Not Impressed By Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower

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Despite the purest of intentions, starchitect Frank Gehry stuck it to Donald Trump by making his Beekman Tower?and we're still calling it that, despite all the "New York by Gehry" nonsense?the tallest residential building in New York, surpassing the Trump World Tower. Now The Donald is firing back. The Observer's Chloe Malle rode with the Gehrmeister up the Beekman's new elevator to get the scoop on the gamechanging luxury rental building, but the most interesting stuff might just be the Trump-Gehry material. The 76-story building is expected to command some of the highest rents in Lower Manhattan, but according to Trump, "it's always very tough to make something successful at the high-end level with a public school in the building." Dragging kids into it? Oh snap!

Gehry's response to Trump's analysis of the Beekman Tower is simple: The dude holds a grudge. Franktastic tells the Observer he once turned down a Trump project, and The Donald has been chilly to him ever since. Plus, says Gehry, "I don't like his hairdo anyway." Dem's fightin' words! But in his rebuttal, all Trump says is that he doesn't recall what project Gehry is referring to, and, "Maybe I just don't find him interesting. It doesn't mean I don't like him." And scene.

As for what to expect inside the Beekman, here's just the description of a desk:

The lobby desk is a white concrete jigsaw puzzle the color and heft of Mount Rushmore. Each piece was carved in Los Angeles and shipped cross-country to be assembled on-site, replete with benches carved out of the concrete, dressed with cushions of supple tan leather the color of Earl Grey tea lightened with a drop of milk. Bending and rippling like the carats of an unevenly cut stone, the Gaudi folds of the desk resemble an artfully crumpled sheet of paper.We're guessing, then, that Trump would call it a piece of garbage
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