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Kelsey Grammer's Apartment Hunt Ends at the Vision Machine

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It's the rich man's midlife crisis: dump the wife and pick up a piece of glassy downtown starchitecture. The only tough question becomes which starchitect. We've watched Kelsey Grammer struggle to make this decision for months, trying out 15 CPW and visiting a duplex in 200 Eleventh Avenue's sky garage. But maybe Grammer has something against starchitects with S-names, because, the Post reports, he's buying in Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue instead. The actor will be paying $6.5 million for a four-bedroom apartment. We're guessing it might be #19A, the only apartment StreetEasy lists as in contract, which was originally asking $7.52 million.

And the blurry floorplan:

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100 Eleventh Avenue

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