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DOB Checks in at Burg's Hotel Toshi; Construction Strike Coming?

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We're taking off for Thanksgiving. See you on the other side of a pat-down!

WILLIAMSBURG?It looks like the DOB is on a citywide Hotel Toshi snuff-out campaign. In addition to serving the owners of 325 East 10th Street with violations related to the short-term rental Toshi mini-empire, Williamsburg's 135 Metropolitan Avenue?a longtime Toshi hotspot?has been with similar violations, a tipster reports. The DOB paperwork mentions "occupancy contrary to the certificate of occupancy." The DOB offers some advice at the bottom: "Discontinue illegal use." That's just good advice for life in general. [CurbedWire Inbox]

RUMORVILLE?This one just in from CurbedWire sources, rumblings of a major strike by the construction trades that would go into effect on July 1. Something about solidarity with the NFL players' union in their upcoming strike. Just kidding, it's about work hours or something. Still plenty of time for all sides to make nice. Anyone heard any gossip? Just when stuff started growing again! [CurbedWire Inbox]