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15 Rooms of Pre-War Park Avenue Become a Flirty Dozen

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Very rich man and longtime female fashion enthusiast Frank R. Mori combined two co-op apartments at 1185 Park Avenue (for which he paid a combined $9.275 million) into one massive full-floor spread. Despite the reduction in room count from 15 to 12, we're betting the next occupants?the apartment is now asking $15 million?will still have enough wall space to hang their fine art collection. Or crayon paintings, based on the number of bedrooms. Other highlights: The master suite, which has its own dressing room, study and his-and-her bathrooms, and the "staff quarters" accessed through the pantry, like a cool secret lair! Or a place to make sure the help is neither seen nor heard. Whichever.
· Listing: 1185 Park Avenue Avenue Unit 16AB [Elliman]

1185 Park Avenue

1185 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128