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Cobble Hill Neighbor Says Norah Jones Gave Her Bedbugs

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Exterminators, plastic covers for everything, cleaning every single item of clothing one has ever owned?we all know the negative consequences of bed bugs. But what about the positives? Danielle Gelfand takes the contrarian view in New York Press, arguing that bed bugs actually did good things for her building because they allowed her to finally bond with the neighbors she hadn't spoken to in 10 years. One way they bonded: by blaming someone else for the bug problem. Namely, Norah Jones:

As the meeting started, a huge truck pulled up outside. For a moment, I got excited, thinking, Maybe it’s some sort of hazmat-style bug elimination team!
But then I realized it was ABC Carpet and Home, delivering Norah Jones’ (who lives nearby) new furniture. “It’s that singer girl’s fault,” said Gene.

“This street was clean before she moved in and started digging up the whole block for her fancy pool. They wake me up every morning with all that noise! We gotta do something about that!” I too would have happily blamed Norah for our bugs. After one blinding morning of construction, I took her “featured local artist” CDs at Starbucks and hid them in the mug clearance section. Bed bug warfare wouldn't be a bad strategy to take the attention off that pool.
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