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Building's Foreclosure Battle Not as Ugly as Building Itself

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Forget those recent signs of life at Hell's Kitchen sliver tower 785 Eighth Avenue. The Ismael Leyva-designed 43-story oddity, which has the largest windowless wall known to man, is currently frozen while an $84 million foreclosure suit winds its way through the courts, The Real Deal reports. Over the years we've tracked a number of surprising developments regarding the building, including a partial switch to an extended-stay hotel and a brief 45-apartments-for-61-million offering. Legal filings show some other shady twists and turns, like the time when the developer became the building's only buyer, and when Irish investors were pitched on the units with down payments of just $1,000 each. Sorry, you're too late, we've already claimed "Irish Investors, $1,000 Down Payments" for the title of our book on the collapse of the global economy.
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785 Eighth Avenue

785 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10036