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How a Billionaire's Daughters Live on the Upper East Side

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Billionaire investor Ira Rennert probably gives great holiday gifts. We're assuming this based on the fact that he purchased apartments for his two daughters in January 2008 for more than $30 million each. His daughters, Tamara Winn and Yonina Davidson, have finally moved into their Park Avenue co-ops after some renovations, and, the Journal reports, they've now sold off their old homes. So how did a Rennert daughter live before being given a $30 million apartment? The older daughter, Winn, lived in an apartment at The Chatham that she recently sold for $6.85 million. And on Tuesday, Davidson and her husband sold off their 510 Park Avenue apartment, above, for $11 million. They had some trouble finding the right price, listing the place at the beginning of the year for $15.9 million and then chopping it to $13.9 million. But hey, guess they didn't really have to worry about the size of their profits.
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