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4 Bedrooms on UES for Under $2M (There's A Catch)

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Well, here's an interesting listing. This 2200 square foot 4 bedroom 3 bathroom unit at 343 East 74th Street aka The Forum is on the market for $1,750,000. That all sounds pretty prrretty good until you factor in the fact that monthly charges are going to be $5,611. If you'll remember this is the same building that was trying a $1.1 Million all-cash short sale for a penthouse triplex that was originally listed at $3.2 Million. It seems the reason for this building's bizarre pricing is the fact that the land that the building is built on is actually owned by a nearby church through a ground lease. A commenter claiming to be an ex-resident wrote "It is a Land Lease and the owners of those apartments are being severely raped by the church that continues to escalate the land charges to the bldg who in turn have to pass them on to the owners." Yikes! Thoughts?

· 343 East 74th Street unit 17CD [Corcoran]