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1 Couple; 375 Square Feet on the LES

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Daniel and Dasha Faires share a 375 square foot apartment on Lower East Side for which they pay $2000 a month. They seem to have utilized the space pretty well, having a bedroom and an "everything else" room. There's also a pretty neat backyard which is used for hanging out and as a work area for Daniel, who makes furniture. All in all, the entire place can be summed with the word "adorable". Of course, it probably helps that the two are high school sweethearts, meaning they know enough about each other to not drive each other insane. We're digging the interior, what do you guys think of it? And of course, if you choose to skip the article and just want to see the pretty photos, you may do so here.

· 375 Square Feet? Just Think of the Possibilities! [NYT]