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$8.5 Million Dumbo Loft Now Has Chairs and Books and Stuff

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There's no more sticker shock when it comes to Dumbo's One Main Street, aka the Clocktower. After all, the building's developer, David Walentas of Two Trees, put the penthouse on the market for a staggering $25 million. So what is this strange sensation we're feeling while gazing at the new $8.5 million listing for the unit downstairs, a 3BR/2.5BA condo that takes up the 14th floor? Ah, it's déjà vu! If this 3,208-square-foot loft feels familiar, that's because it is, silly. Who says you don't get a second chance to make a first impression?

Back in the summer of '09, the apartment was put on the market for that same $8.5 million price tag, just nine months after a group of investors made it Brooklyn's most expensive apartment sale at $7 million. No buyer surfaced, and the listing eventually vanished. But now it's back, which we'd normally say signals confidence in the real estate market's rebound, but it's not like the Dumbo luxury market ever really took any major lumps. So what's changed during the absence? The furniture! Last time around the listing photos were barren. Could it be that One Main's killer views aren't enough to sell the apartment on their own? While we ponder, have a look at the floorplan. We're assuming the listing's warning, "Don't forget your sunglasses," doesn't apply when staring at a computer screen.

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