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3 Columbus Circle Dodges the Wrecking Ball

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Accusations of ugliness have been hitting 3 Columbus Circle lately from all corners, including the office at the nearby Time Warner Center where Related head Stephen Ross looks out on Joseph Moinian's recently-remade glassy building. Ross found 3 Columbus so ugly, Moinian alleged in a recent lawsuit, that he began a "predatory lending scheme" to get control of the building, tear it down, and build one that he'd prefer to look at. But a Ross makeover may not be in the building's future. The Real Deal reports that the Moinian Group and SL Green offered $258.6 million to settle Related's foreclosure case against 3 Columbus. If Related accepts the check, the fight for control of the building will be over.

Which makes this the perfect time to begin rehabilitating 3 Columbus Circle's reputation, no? The Journal's Dana Rubinstein chats with Peter Wang, the architect behind Moinian's building redo, who explains that there were "financial and structural limitations" on his design, so he couldn't take the old facade down (and it can still be seen under the new glass one). Does that make it okay?
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