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Amity Street Horror Lot Returns to Market Once Again

After getting the locals all fired up over the proposed makeover of 110 Amity Street, the owner has put the property and three adjacent vacant lots back on the market again. 110 Amity, the historic Lamm Institute building, was nicknamed the "Amity Street Horror" when Time Equities proposed to redevelop it with a mews design after buying it from Long Island College Hospital. The Landmarks Preservation Commission and the local community board ultimately approved a revised townhome version of the design (right). But instead of building, Time Equities put the lot up for sale, trying a few different brokerages. Now the Horror's site is on the market again, along with its three neighbors at 357, 359, and 361 Henry Street for a combined $6.4 million (parts also sold separately), the Brooklyn Eagle reports. The Henry Street lots also have LPC-approved plans for townhouse construction, and one other lot that ran the LPC gauntlet, also on Amity Street, has already been sold to a family who plans to build the approved townhouse design.We'll be a bit sorry if it all sells?we liked it as a wildlife refuge.
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110 Amity Street

110 Amity Street, Brooklyn, NY