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Those Darn Loft Layouts Helped Doom 'Dr. Love'

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Dr. Joseph Mirakhor is the alleged pill-dispensing party animal who just got evicted from his $12,000-per-month loft after building residents?including fabulously wealthy (and expecting!) socialite couple Andreas and Lauren Santo Domingo?dragged him to court. Mirakhor, nicknamed "Dr. Love" and "Dr. Douchebag" by neighbors, was ordered by a judge to clear out of 31 West 21st Street (also home of the Wall Street 2 loft) within 48 hours, but he maintains that his parties weren't out of control and that his ex-neighbors were just out to smear him. In the Observer, Chloe Malle has a fascinating account of last week's court hearing that sealed Dr. Love's fate. Part of the problem, one resident said, was the direct elevator access into the luxury lofts:

"The elevator door opened to my home and there was this absolutely drugged-out, drunken man in the elevator, and my son got in, and it's just so frightening," Mr. Krawitz told The Observer. "The thing about our building is that they're one-floor lofts, so when the elevator door opens, it opens into your home"—the fate of many converted loft apartments—"so if the guy on two doesn't bring them in, they just loiter."Awk-ward! And not to kick Mirakhor while he's down or anything, but residents passed around a photo of movers loading his stuff into a van as a victory celebration. Yeesh, those parties must have been epic.
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