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For-Sale London Terrace Quadruplets Are Far From Identical

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It's easy to forget that behind the sometimes terrifying scaffolding masking part of London Terrace are actual apartments that their inhabitants might want to sell. And so a group of brokers marketing the same apartment on four floors of the building tell us they've banded together for a tour this afternoon, to show off all four units and their owners' very different ideas about interior design. The apartments in question are the $699,000 #2G, the $869,000 #10G, the $995,000 #10E, and the $1.059 million #12G (which has a slightly different floorplan from the others). A look at each apartment in the gallery above. Which apartment?not that it's a contest, of course, fellas?will find a buyer first?
· 470 West 24th Street [StreetEasy]