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Midtown's 90-Story Carnegie 57 Drops Hints of What's to Come

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Construction began (if slowly) in August on Carnegie 57, Extell's condo/hotel that has designs on being the city's tallest residential building. About that hotel part: the folks at Hyatt Hotels, which will be operating the place as the Park Hyatt, have started dropping a few hints about what we would see if we had the platinum credit cards to get inside. The interiors of the 210-room hotel will be done by Superior Ink townhouse designer Yabu Pushelberg, according to a Hyatt press release. As for the condos, Extell's 90-story tower will have 135 of them, designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen (with a swimming pool/fitness center/spa up top). It's the only luxury hotel set to open in the city in 2012, which hotel experts tell the Journal will help the Park Hyatt stand out?not that it needs it.
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157 West 57th St.

157 West 57th Street, New York, New York 10019