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Holiday Handouts: Curbed Readers Have Their Say

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If we hadn't known it already, the comments on yesterday's holiday tipping guidelines post would have convinced us that there are as many opinions about end-of-year handouts in New York City apartment buildings as there are staff to tip at Manhattan House. Not everyone has to worry about the issue, but for those who do, we've collected the best (and most amusing to us) of commenter responses on how to handle tips. Our lawyers would first like us to mention that we will not be held responsible for any leaky toilets or unchanged lightbulbs that result from following this advice. Here now, the holiday handout response highlights:

"Those numbers are over the top and skewed wrong. I think the porters deserve more than the doormen. Porters do all the grunt work and keep the building clean and funtioning. I've been tipping $40-$60 ($40 for doormen, $50 for porters and $60 for super and asst super) over the years and never felt like I wasn't getting good service (if one assumes there is a return on this "investment")."?Hugo
"It's pretty much impossible to create a real baseline for tipping, in part because you can impact things by how much you use your building staff's services. If all you typically do is step through an opened door, throw out a normal amount of trash and occasionally leave a package, something much lower than $100 can ensure you don't get the stinkeye. If on the other hand you're constantly calling the super every time a lightbulb needs changing or practically using your doorman as a nanny, you better tip accordingly. And being nice always makes a difference too!"?eeeck

"My co-op uses the formula of 15% of one months maintenance that is split between the staff. Short and sweet. Write one check. Beats the 20 tips may family has to give out in their building for staff we hardly ever see."?Roosevelt Island Resident

"Better yet how is this for an idea. If you tip folks all year for extending themselves beyond the call, how about a card to all of them expressing your gratitude, handwritten of course, and try remembering something significant each of them has done. THEN let them know you will be making a donation in all of their names to the local homeless shelter or to New York's Neediest Cases for folks who have nothing. It will probably make a real difference to everyone involved."?lanantik

"Buy a townhouse and keep the holiday tips for yourself - haha!"?Manhattan 4 Ever

We know this is only the, er, tip of the iceberg. More reactions? Put 'em in the comments!
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