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Live Like Bowery Royalty, Just Don't Expect Much Legroom

The ghosts of dead hookers haven't had much of a negative impact on Avalon Bowery Place, which commands some of the highest rents in the East Village/Lower East Side. How high? Well, Bowery Boogie just noticed a new listing in the glassy building (actual address: 11 East 1st Street) for a cozy 700-square-foot "penthouse" priced at $3,820 per month. Reading the broker's and then Bowery Boogie's take on this same one-bedroom apartment seems to indicate that there might still be some hard feelings over the glamorization of the formerly down-and-out Bowery. Let's compare!

Brokerbabble: "Hungry? Go to Daniel Boulud's DBGB or the Gemma Restaurant, or just cross the street and pick up something at Whole Foods. The Bowery Hotel and the Thompson Hotel are within walking distance. Blue & Cream & Favorita and Double Crown are your neighbors."

Boogiebabble: "From this perch, the new renter will have front row access to the categorical destruction of the Bowery, and Lower East Side as a whole."

We're sold either way! Actually, on second thought, no balcony from which to witness the spewing hellfire consuming Bowery 2.0? Pass.
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