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To the Delight of Foursquare Mayor, Roosevelt Island Tram Returns!

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Font backlash, threatened robot invasion, censorship squabbles?it's been a bumpy ride for the Roosevelt Island tram's $25 million modernization project. But today all is forgiven, because the eight-month shutdown of service is over, and the glassy new tram cars are once again helping to remind us that the isolated isle indeed exists. "This is the most modern aerial-train system on earth," the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.'s CEO told the Post, really sticking it to theme parks and the Swiss Alps. The excitement is contagious! Check out the deafening buzz on Twitter.

A toast to the new tram! Helping to bring us closer to creepy smallpox hospital ruins since 2010. Roosevelt Islander has a look at the changes in the tram station for all your epic turnstile reveal wants and desires. UPDATE: Roosevelt Islander also has video from the tram's maiden voyage today. Eat your heart out, Scorcese!
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