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Pee-wee Herman Ditches the Playhouse for the Bowery

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Yesterday pop surrealist Kenny Scharf, midway through spraying the latest mural on the world-famous art wall at Bowery and Houston Street (now under the sole control of gallerist/developer Tony Goldman), got a surprise assist from his cartoon collaborator of yore. Paul Reubens, taking a break from Broadway's The Pee-Wee Herman Show, headed down to the Bowery to surprise Scharf mid-spray. The kitschy koolsters had a Groovenian reunion, and we can only guess the identity of the day's secret word. (Regis, perhaps?) Before long, Reubens headed off down the Bowery, and Scharf turned back to his wall of smiles, adding a one-eyed green guy to his vista of vibrant visages.
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