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The Fulton Street Mall Makeover is Real: Shake Shack Cometh!

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Brooklyn's first Shake Shack will be at the Fulton Street Mall, the Daily News reports. Yep, that Fulton Street Mall, where landmark spaces become Arby's that quickly close. But Downtown Brooklyn's downmarket pedestrian mall has been on the verge of a resurgence, or so we've been told in big splashy stories by the Wall Street Journal and New York Post. It's true. It's all true! First H&M and Filene's and now Danny Meyer is bringing the Shack to the party, in the prime corner space at Adams Street occupied by Tony's Famous Pizza. Upgrade? We'd say so. Brooklyn! You're now on par with Times Square and Flushing.
· Shake Shack Brooklyn: Exclusive: Iconic burger joint to open in Fulton Street Mall [NYDN]