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Upper East Side's Millionaire Matchmaker Scared of Her Elevator

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A spicy landlord-tenant spat is brewing between the owners of 110 East End Avenue and Janis Spindel, a matchmaker who charges between $50,000 and $500,000 to set up clients with suitable spouse material. What triggered the dispute? According to the Post, Spindel was on her way to a breakfast meeting at the Regency Hotel with a client who flew in from Oregon on his private jet just to meet with her and hand her sacks of money, but the elevator she was riding in got stuck for 25 minutes, causing her to hyperventilate and him to split. Guess his private jet was double-parked?

Spindel is not pleased about losing the big-money client, and she now refuses to ride in the building's tenant elevators, instead opting for the service elevator. She wants out of her lease or else she's taking the landlord to court, and the landlord's response is that the high-class wife wrangler is just looking for any excuse to break her lease. But one building tenant is sympathetic to Spindel's cause, telling the Post that someone gets stuck in the elevators at least once a week. Maybe Spindel can use one of those commissions to hire someone to carry her down the stairs?
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