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Inside a Renovated Noho Loft Inspired by Lunch

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Aki Akiyoshi cuts Steven Holl's hair, so when it came time for him and his wife to renovate the Noho loft they bought for $475,000 in 1997 (those were the days, eh?), they had to do something with a little architectural flair. So they enlisted their besties, Mishi Hosono and Adam Weintraub of Koko Architecture and Design, and the results are a compartmentalized 1,300-square-foot space inspired by a Japanese bento box and given the full New York Times treatment today. It's a darn cool space, especially the now-you-see-it-now-you-don't bed that disappears under trap doors, and the lofted sleeping areas for the couple's daughters, seen below.

More photos in the NYT's slideshow and on the Koko website. Sure beats our burrito-inspired pad, where everything is tossed together in a messy albeit delicious pile.
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