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$12,000 a Month to Live Where Jude Law Flung the Fruit

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We always enjoy getting a peek inside the architectural curiosity known as the Novare, and here's our latest chance: A 2BR/2BA second-floor condo now renting for $12,000 per month. The most interesting thing about the West 4th Street building used to be that it was a hippie church in its previous life. That run ended when Jude Law temporarily moved into a penthouse and threw oranges at NYU students who were taking pictures of him working out on his terrace. This particular 1,884-square-foot apartment doesn't have any outdoor space, so there's no use loosening up that pitching arm.

Records show that the apartment sold for just under $2.5 million back in 2007 to Noemie Lenoir, who were guessing is the same Noemie Lenoir of French modeling and acting fame, and who has hit a bit of a rough patch of late. So the building went from a sacred holy space to one that houses French lingerie models? How sinful!
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