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Where to Find Rental Units in New Luxury Condos

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We were a little shocked to hear that troubled Tribeca condo 34 Leonard was going nondo, but it kinda worked: three-quarters of the building rented out within five weeks. And there are lots more slow-selling condo buildings out there with empty units, which means many more opportunities for those high on cash and low on commitment to move into luxury condos. The Post takes a roll call of some of these new development buildings that have quietly put apartments on the rental market. A few of the biggest surprises: Cipriani Club Residences, where 13 or 14 units are now being rented for $6K-$11K/month, and 75 Wall Street, where rentals go from $3K-$9K/month. At Battery Park City's Riverhouse, the renting is being done by investors who snapped up for-sale apartments they didn't actually plan to live in. And then there are units for rent at FiDi's William Beaver House, which given the low resale values, could be a relative bargain.
· New lease on life [NYP]

William Beaver House

15 William Street, New York, NY 10005

75 Wall Street

75 Wall Street, New York, NY