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WTC Pool Gets Wet; Anti-NYU Rally; West Village Squashpocalypse!

WORLD TRADE CENTER?A tipster excitedly sent us the above screen grab from the Ground Zero webcam (try it out!) today, adding, "the North Pool has WATER today!!!" We assumed this was due to yesterday's rain, but then another tipster e-mailed to say, "Rumors are swirling around that the north pool has begun testing its water. Could be just a test for leakage, but it has rained before since they put up most of the waterproofing and this didn't happen." Who knew the 9/11 Memorial had so many fans? [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?On Monday, Community Board 2's Landmarks subcommittee will hear (and savage, we assume) NYU's Pinwheel Tower proposal. On Sunday afternoon, some angry Villagers are going to rally like mad against the proposal. Join the fun! [GVSHP]

WEST VILLAGE?Today it was revealed that Equinox is taking over the gym in Hudson Street's Printing House, known for its rooftop pool and tight-knit squash scene. Will there be drastic changes in the celeb hot spot gym? It appears so. A tipster sends along some chatter from a squash email list?which is a thing that exists?on what's up: "Many of you have heard the rumors that the Printing House Fitness and Squash Club is for sale. The club has been sold to Equinox. I'm told we have until December 15th. I'm also told that Equinox will not keep the squash courts. There is an attempt underway to convince them otherwise." [CurbedWire Inbox]