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Good God Look at This Upper West Side Terrace Right Now

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It's cold and dark and miserable this time of year, so why are we talking about an outdoor entertaining space? Because this megalisting at 45 West 67th Street just hit the market (for the third time in three years!), and looking at that private terrace is reminding us that spring will one day return, and we will wish we had this when that time comes. The brokers know it, too, hence the five photos of the al fresco awesomeness in the listing's photo gallery (all reprinted above). A bar, a grill, a fountain, a lion's head?this place is ready for a party. So why isn't it selling?

According to StreetEasy, it was first listed for $14 million, but has now come all the way down to $8.7 million, which is flirting with PriceChopper Hall of Fame territory. Maybe it's the interiors? They look pretty snazzy too, comprised of three combos combined into one space featuring "2010 Smart Home with integrated technology systems." Check out the floorplan and tell us when the price will finally be right.

· Listing: 45 West 67th Street [Sotheby's]