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PriceChopper Trims the Fat From Two High-Profile Listings

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Toy titans Al and Patsy Kahn have long since moved on from their Time Warner Center condo to Bernie Madoff's old penthouse on the Upper East Side. But they've had some trouble finding a new owner for 25 Columbus Circle's #62CE (above left). They originally listed it for $33.6 million at the beginning of this year, dropped the price to $29.75 million right around the time they closed on the Madoff penthouse, and have just chopped again, taking a whopping $4.8 million off the price. The new price tag is $24.95 million. C'mon, wealthy apartment hunters, the Kahns have a karma cleanse to fund.
Down in Tribeca, Penthouse E at the Ice House (above right) ?owned by Martha's daughter Alexis Stewart?has also had trouble selling. At it its highest asking price, it wanted $12.95 million. It chopped to $11.9 million earlier this year. Then, yesterday, another chopper, to $10.45 million, or 12 percent off. Evidence of global warming?
· 25 Columbus Circle #62CE [StreetEasy]
· 27 North Moore Street #PHE [StreetEasy]