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Chelsea, Please Welcome the Pod Studio

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Turns out Yotel isn't the only pod creature coming to the West Side. There's also the rental-to-condo conversion at 421 West 22nd Street, which has the ambitious goal of reinventing the studio. Developer Blesso Properties tells The Real Deal it plans to do so by making all the furniture in its 450-square-foot studio units fit built-in storage space: the dining room table drops down from the ceiling, chairs can be stacked in custom closets, and there will, of course, be Murphy beds. The units, which will hit the sales market in about two years after some time as rentals, will be asking under $600,000 but 15 to 20 percent over standard Chelsea studio prices. We think they might succeed in getting them, but perhaps we've just been hypnotized by Blesso's animated graphic of the furniture popping out of storage.
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