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Leaning Tower of Broadway Keeps Its Enemy Closer

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For years we've been following the plight of historic little 287 Broadway as a neighboring condo development destabilized its foundation and forced its residents to flee for their safety. And even as that condo building, now called reade57, started to rise, we've heard little regarding whether 287 Broadway will survive. Today DNAinfo's Julie Shapiro checks in on the situation and writes that things are looking up for the building, at least as much as they have been in the past three years. As the 20-story, L-shaped reade57 adds new floors and menacingly surrounds 287 Broadway, it's providing permanent support for the cast-iron building. That means it will soon be safe enough for 287 Broadway's landlord, the Century 21-owning Gindi family, to make the repairs that will allow tenants to return. But will they? That remains to be seen. Meanwhile, reade57's 84 condos are expected to finish up construction next fall.
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287 Broadway

287 Broadway, New York, NY