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$16M UWS Townhouse Still a Little Rough Around the Edges

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This ginormous 9,089 square foot Upper West Side mansion at 137 West 74th Street is for sale for $16,000,000 and it looks like it still needs a little work! To be fair the listing does say that the place is 2 months away from being completed and will boast 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 7 fireplaces, an elevator, a 1500 bottle wine cellar and even a pool! Have a little faith in the renovation (and also have the, uh, $16,000,000) and this place can be yours! Just replace all the step ladders, saws, planks and other undesirables with pretty furniture.

· Listing: 137 West 74th Street [Fenwick Keats]