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The Cleanest Apartment You Will Ever See

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Jayma Cardoso and Scott Campbell live in a neat 900 square foot apartment on East 12th Street. Very neat. So neat that one of them said "A jacket on a chair bothers me", when talking about clutter (we also wonder how many people would consider a jacket on a chair as being "clutter"?). They bought the place back in 2008 for $840,000 and did about $100,000 in renovations before they were totally happy with it. It's got 16-foot ceilings, tons of windows and "floor-to-ceiling steel beams sheathed with brick and pockmarked with rivets". If you want to skip all the words and just see the pretty pictures, here's the slideshow. And remember, take off your shoes.

· A Nightclubber's Quiet Retreat [NYT]