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The UES Apartment That Was "Green" Before It Was Cool

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"Create a unique home in the sky with breathtaking views from every room". Well, that's good to know because you're not going to want to look down at the astroturf carpeting in this place unless you're living out some weird Dynasty fantasy. We don't like to be too catty on a Sunday, but the bedroom would definitely make us feel like we're sleeping a dentist's office as well. A tipster who brought the listing to our attention said simply, "It's really strange". Sigh. This unit is one of many heinous apartments looking for a buyer. For $1,595,000 you can give give it a chance to escape hideousness by providing it with some of an apartment's basic needs--a renovation, replacing those weird lights behind the bed, and of course, fugly green carpet removal. Won't you help?

· Listing: 115 East 87th Street [Corcoran]