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Mini-Golf and Bikini Babes Not Yet on the Menu in Tribeca

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The all-new Pier 25 in Tribeca's section of Hudson River Park opened last week, and when the sun came out over the weekend we took a stroll to the river's edge at the end of N. Moore Street to see what all the fuss is about. First, the bad news: The miniature golf course and beach volleyball courts won't open until spring, which is a shame because we were looking forward to slipping into a Speedo to do both, like a Tribeca version of the Polar Bear swim. Now, the good news.

Gone is the funkiness of the old pier, where gritty games and a giant iguana were legend. Now there's a collection of highly managed and lushly planted areas from Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects for kids of all ages (the structures on the pier are by WXY Architecture and Urban Design). Along the shoreline, up against the busy bikeway, is a skate park, not nearly as hardcore as the rad one up at Chelsea Cove, but already proving popular. Plus this one has something unique: Great views of the rising 1 World Trade Center just a few blocks south.

Moving across the ample esplanade and onto the long pier, the park spreads out with a series of playgrounds separated by a swirl of fences, with climbing walls for the older kids and and less scary stuff for the youngins. Beyond a mid-pier plaza is that miniature golf course, aka Bedrock, with 18 holes planted to the nines and featuring water hazards and other par busters. Flanking the volleyball courts are big blue beach chairs, offering a lounging opportunity that, when warm weather returns and bikinis abound, should rival the sun deck at the High Line for the place to see and be seen.

Farther out on the pier, set low between two long stretches of benches, is an expanse of cushy artificial turf designed for active play. While we were there kids were running about, frisbees were flying and a couple of guys had commandeered a corner for a game of boules. Ah, Tribeca! At pier's end is a raised wooden deck, with telescopes and lounge chairs perfectly situated for spying on New Jersey and watching the mighty Hudson River roll by. Lady Liberty stands tall in the distance and, looking back to Manhattan, spires of skyscrapers loom large. With this great public amenity now open, no doubt property values in the immediate area just went up a few bucks.
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