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Finger of Clinton Hill Extends Buyers Some Prices, Finally

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Location: 163 Washington Avenue between Myrtle and Park
Size: 49 studios through 2BRs, from 440 to 1,156 square feet
Prices: So far, $250,000 to $767,000
Architect: Karl Fischer
Developer: The GLC Group
Sales & Marketing: The Developers Group/TREGNY

A dispute over whether the building should be an exception to the neighborhood's 2007 downzoning nearly got the Finger of Clinton Hill at 163 Washington Avenue amputated two years ago. But the Board of Standards and Appeals let the project go ahead, and today it's a Karl Fischer-designed tower o' 49 condos that will shortly hit the market as the neighborhood's tallest residential condominium. A label that definitely won't bring up any unpleasant memories at all for the neighbors who protested the building! The building's official sales launch isn't until this weekend, but some listings are already online, so have a look around.
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163 Washington Ave

163 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205