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Milla Jovovich's House is the Cure for Courtney Love's Problems

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Courtney Love just proved the power of positive thinking tweeting. Her fascinating pursuit of actress Milla Jovovich's Greenwich Avenue townhouse, which the recovering everything has been kinda-sorta documenting on Twitter (though we were never sure it was her doing the typing), is a success! Or so we're led to believe by the NYT's great state-of-the-Courtney feature that ran over the weekend. A state that can be defined as: wobbly.

The paper's Eric Wilson wrote that Love is finalizing a lease on a house in the West Village, and the topic is revisited later in the story: "Meanwhile, she made a promise to herself that, if she were to get the lease to the town house, then she would give up worrying about money, be polite to everyone and stop taking antidepressants. When she got home, she said, she found out that she got the house." Bravo, Courtney, and thanks for the lesson: If you tweet it, it will come. So how much is that security deposit?
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100 Greenwich Avenue

100 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011