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World Trade Center Site Gets Wet and Wild

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The World Trade Center site is only supposed to have two pools, so we were more than a bit surprised to see that a third ditch is now waterlogged. Last Thursday the Brookfield Properties crew ran into a bit of trouble outside the World Financial Center along West Street, where Brookfield is digging out the subterranean pedestrian passageway that will link up with the Calatrava Transit Hub. What started as a little leakage right below the glass walls of the Winter Garden (where that grand marble staircase is in peril) has become a gusher.

Supposedly some errant caulking resulted in a wee hole in the concrete bathtub that encircles the landfill, allowing some of the Hudson River to flow where it wasn't meant to go. It was reported that the FDNY helped get things in order by Friday morning, but on Sunday we saw that it was still surf's up in the cement pond. Below the viewing platform at the Winter Garden, atop the green water lapping against newly poured concrete walls, flotsam and jetsam bobbed about. The waterline was nearly up to the big steel crossbeams that keep this bit of engineering from collapsing in on itself, and not a soul was in sight. Not even a lifeguard! So, who's got a really big ShamWow?
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