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FiDi Resident Wants FreshDirect to Stop Shaking His Building

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Food may be a necessity of life, but even in grocery store-starved FiDi, that doesn't mean residents are willing to put up with the annoyance of FreshDirect trucks. One Curbed reader, who has already tried contacting FreshDirect and 311 for help, now turns to the Curbed hive mind.

I’ve lived for years in Lower Manhattan and am used to dealing with the noises of the city (Ground Zero construction, subways, tourists/terrorists etc.). It is part of the experience. I have, however, drawn the line with FreshDirect. (The photo is a pic from my apartment window). Fresh Direct has chosen the street I live on to be the distribution hub for many of the converted rental/coops in the area. Because the street is a vital link for police/emergency vehicles no standing vehicles are allowed at any time. For the past two years FreshDirect has continued to park there, four times a day for up to an hour each time starting at 7am and parking as late as 10:30pm. On Saturdays and Sundays deliveries will be made three times a day. Trucks will run both vehicle and refrigeration engines, which is loud and literally vibrates our building.

In speaking with a police officer recently he noted that the City and major delivery companies (UPS/Fedex/FreshDirect) have agreements as to how much/many tickets are given to the companies on an annual basis. Essentially for the companies the tickets are a sunk cost in doing business. Thus, a ticket on a window of a truck becomes a reason not to park legally or, well, move the truck if there is a legitimate complaint.
So, grocery/parking experts or those who play them on the Internet, advice? · Ask Curbed archive