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Battle of the Manhattan Basement Bowling Alleys

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The amenity spaces are almost finished at The Aldyn, the newest piece of Extell to grace the Riverside South skyline. We'd seen renderings of the basketball court before, but My Upper West's trip inside the building?which shares an amenities space with nearby rental The Ashley?revealed another fitness center feature we hadn't seen yet. That's right: there's a new private bowling alley in town.

The other high-profile lanes lane is, of course, at 15 Broad Street, the Downtown Insanity Palace. Does The Aldyn threaten 15 Broad's place atop the amenity heap? To find out, we turn to an Amenity Deathmatch, our building vs. building showdown based solely on the things that drive up maintenance costs and never get used. Your roll!

Poll results

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15 Broad Street

15 Broad St, New York, NY 10005