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Superior Ink's Least Desired Apartments Revealed

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The Robert A.M. Stern designed Superior Ink has been compared to 15 Central Park West for its success at getting high prices even in the doldrums of 2009. Tell that to #16D, which just closed for $1,807,393, down from an asking price of $2.1 million. That's a 13.9 percent discount. But at least it's not alone! Turns out all of the building's recent D-line sales have come with similar price cuts. #8D sold for $2 million, a 17.5 percent discount off its asking price. And #10D sold in June for $1,654,656, 21.2 percent lower than its final asking price. The other thing these three apartments have in common? The floorplan. All of the D-line apartments on floors seven through 16 are 853-square-foot 1BR, 1BA units without the Hudson River views that might have driven up prices on other units. Guess that just gives the rest of the building something to feel superior about.

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