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City's Most Expensive Condo Is, Of Course, at 15 CPW

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15 Central Park West developer William Zeckendorf exercised his developer's privileges to pay only $10.7 million for a 41st-floor condo in the Limestone Jesus during the building's pre-construction phase in 2005. Five years later, 15 CPW is home to A-Rod, Sting, Denzel Washington, and a host of non-celebrity rich people, and Zeckendorf's little 3BR, 3.5BA is worth a whole lot more. So much more that it's actually the most expensive residential real estate, on a per-square-foot basis, in the city. Or it will be when a mystery buyer plunks down an anticipated $40 million, or $10,259/square foot, for it, the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil reports. The city's second priciest buy was the 2008 purchase of a 1,980-square-foot apartment at the Plaza for $20.1 million. Small change! But will Zeckendorf's proceeds go to charity?
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023