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NYU Opponents Strategize; Dorm Fear at Historic Village Building

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?If you thought the death of NYU's proposed 40-story Greenwich Village tower meant the end of NYU criticism, you thought wrong. (Also: Duh.) Tonight a dozen community groups will meet at Our Lady of Pompei Church on Bleecker Street to plot the next anti-NYU expansion offensive. The Jane Jacobs Brigade is kindly asked to check its rifles at the door. Serious question: Think NYU sends undercover spies to these things? We would. [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?Speaking of Greenwich Village controversies, will the potential sale of the historic Children's Aid Society center on Sullivan Street become one? Perhaps! The GVSHP blasted the link to our story out to supporters, adding, "If its buildings were to be sold prior to landmark designation, it would likely lead to their demolition and replacement with either a condo or dormitory high rise, which would compound the tragedy." Landmark designation would come in the proposed South Village Historic District, which has only been partially approved. Meanwhile, click back to the original post for a Curbed commenter's interesting dish on the situation. [CurbedWire Inbox]