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It's Official: Nothing Can Stop Sam Chang

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The real estate boom's most prolific cheapo hotel builder had a rough couple of years when the credit markets collapsed (even though he always stayed iced out) and Andrew Cuomo came calling, but Sam Chang is back with a vengeance. Well, he's probably back with a smile and a jovial demeanor, but clearly the eyesores put up by him and his aide-de-camp, architect Gene Kaufman, are some sort of retaliation for an unknown slight committed against them by the City of New York and its people.

Bowery Boogie notes today that Chang's Holiday Inn on Delancey Street?which has been stalled for six months after some serious destructoporn?is now an active construction site once again. And that's not the only star shining brightly in the Changiverse.

The Real Deal recently sat down for a chat with Gene Kaufman, who listed a bunch of hotel projects that are ready to get restarted, including Chang's LES Holiday Inn, his Hell's Kitchen Holiday Inn Express at 538 West 48th Street and his Hyatt Place at 210 East 52nd Street. Kaufman also said Chang intends to pull more of his development sites out of purgatory, so head on over to Kaufman's website, pick your favorite design and hope like hell that you've been nice enough for Santa to bring to you.
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