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UWS Locals Free to Play Ball, If They Live in Riverside South

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A new month, a new controversy involving Extell's Upper West Side megaproject. This time the problem is at Riverside South, the collection of glassy luxury towers with a set of shiny new soccer, baseball, and volleyball fields in front of them. The fields, which Extell promised in exchange for the rights to build the condos, were built as part of the public Riverside Park South, but instead, DNAinfo reports, they're now blocked off with a chain-link fence and a guard, and only Riverside South residents are allowed in. (Non-residents can rent field space with the endorsement of a Riverside South tenant.) This is actually okay, according to the Parks Department, as long as Extell eventually hands the ball fields over to the city for the public park. But neighbors looking over the fence beg to differ, arguing that Extell head Gary Barnett shouldn't have advertised the fields as a Riverside Center amenity if the public isn't allowed to use them. Perhaps we should settle this dispute with a ballgame?
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