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Historic Sullivan Street Children's Center May Go Up for Sale

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Hey, NYU, here's something you might want to know about! A tipster passes along an e-mail from the folks in charge at the Children's Aid Society's Philip Coltoff Center?the Greenwich Village home of the Early Childhood Program and other children's programs at 219 and 177 Sullivan Street?letting families know that the buildings may be going up for sale. No official decision to sell has yet been made, and the letter says the center won't elaborate on its reasons for selling unless it puts the buildings on the market. But that won't stop us from imagining that 219 and 177 Sullivan will be up for grabs, and why wouldn't their ever-expanding big purple neighbor be interested? The school's main building (at 219 Sullivan Street and right; the 177 Sullivan property is an annex opened in 2008) would be a pretty sweet buy, since it dates from 1892 and was designed by Central Park co-designer Calvert Vaux. It kinda looks like part of a college campus already, no? Except for the Imaginasium.

· Official website: Philip Coltoff Center []